Improper Dental Services

AltaMed Dental Services in San Bernardino, CA has received approval from the California State Department of Health to resume operations. The facility had closed several months ago due to financial difficulties. It was cited for unsanitary conditions, lack of staff and equipment and various types of patient injury. Discover one of the top reviewed northbrook dental care specialist here.

There was a great deal of community concern about how waiting periods impacted patient care and about the possibility of seeing a potentially infected person. This led to a string of letters of complaints to the State of California’s Department of Health Services, which regulates health care facilities. A letter of complaint was submitted to the Department of Health Services by the AltaMed Dental Services. According to this letter, AltaMed repeatedly violated standards for patient safety by failing to provide proper staffing, arranging unreasonable schedules and providing inadequate training for dental services staff. The dental care staff was instructed to treat patients according to their schedule without checking if they actually had an appointment scheduled with the dentist.

The Department of Health Service sent out three reminders to the AltaMed Dental Services, one of which included a reminder about the one-month waiting period for new patients. According to this letter, the company provided false information to the public and did not inform the state that it was required to provide proof of insurance before patients could be treated. When asked why they did not inform the state that the one-month waiting period for new patients was unlawful, the AltaMed Dental Services representative responded, “There were misunderstandings between the company and the department… between the employees and the administration.” They stated that all of the patient records had been destroyed as a result of these misunderstandings.

The state had received complaints from several residents prior to approving AltaMed Dental Services. According to those complaints, the dental care staff at the facility provided treatments to patients who came in without an appointment. Another complaint stated that when a patient arrived at the facility, they were given a list of in-network dentists and asked to go to them instead of to their preferred dentist. When patients asked what happened to their treatment, they were told that the treatment was canceled by the in-network provider and sent to the front desk. The patients did not have a choice to switch to another in-network provider.

Many residents stated that they have been turned away from emergency care units because of pre-existing conditions. The American Dental Association has provided a checklist to dentists on how to provide quality service to patients with pre-existing conditions. According to the ADA, dentists must immediately notify the patient’s primary physician that he or she is interested in receiving treatment from a different dentist. The American Dental Association also provides instructions on how dentists should handle pre-existing conditions. In order to participate in discount dental plans, dentists must participate in discount dental plans. These plans require dentists to accept all forms of payment, including cash, check, debit card, and patient credit card.

When a patient comes into the office for the first time, the dentist deerfield il should ask the patient whether or not he or she wants to have any oral examination. If the patient indicates that they do, the dental professional should take the time to review the x-rays. x-rays play an important role in diagnosing a variety of oral problems. Sometimes the symptoms can be mistaken as something else. If the dentist detects a problem in the mouth, he or she should refer the patient to an oral hygienist to conduct a full mouth examination and to obtain more information about the origin of the pain. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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